Are your cucumbers sourced locally?

We use kirby cucumbers for our pickles and source them locally as often as possible, especially when they are in peak season from July through October.

Do your pickles have to be refrigerated?

Yes! Our pickles should be kept refrigerated even before opening. We purposefully choose to not make our pickles shelf stable, because, simply put, refrigerator pickles are better. We feel the integrity and texture of the pickle is compromised when canned in heat and the process of canning often requires the addition of crisping agents. In an effort to make a quality pickle without added preservatives, our pickles should be kept refrigerated until the expiration date.

Do your pickles contain probiotics?

Our current lineup of pickles are produced with vinegar brine, which means they do not contain probiotics like fermented pickles. We do offer fermented pickles and pickled fare seasonally and in limited batches. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to be the first to know when our fermented fare drops!

Do you pickle anything other than cucumbers?

Yes! We pickle seasonal items year-round and offer them in limited batches. Tune into our feeds for updates!

What’s up with the little pieces on top?

In our effort to reduce food waste, we use all parts of the cucumber. With that, we save the awkward little pieces of cukes and top our jars with them. This also ensures that you’ll get a jar that is chock FULL of pickled deliciousness.

Can I return the jar?

Yes! If you do not prefer to reuse or recycle our pickle jar, we will take back empty jars once they are cleaned thoroughly and the label is removed. Please visit us at a farmer’s market to drop off jars. You may also coordinate drop off to our kitchen. Reach out to us at to coordinate.

Do you ship?

Yes, we now ship nationwide!

What are your shipping practices?

Pickles are shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays only via UPS. We do not ship on any other days to maximize quality and efficiency, and to avoid weekend holding times.

Our pickles are stable at room temperature and can be enjoyed safely if your shipment arrives warm (vinegar and salt are natural preservatives that predate refrigeration by thousands of years!). However, to maintain optimal quality and freshness, we do include an ice pack and insulated packaging materials in your shipment. Your ice pack may be fully thawed and/or warm when you receive your package, and that’s just fine! Unpack your box and store your pickles in the fridge before opening. 

Average transit time via UPS is dependent on your distance from our fulfillment center (currently in Philadelphia, PA). For quality reasons we do impose a minimum of 3-day service if you are in the Midwest or West Coast. 

Apparel may ship separately via USPS if your order does not also include pickles.

Where can I purchase pickles?

Please visit our ‘Store Locator’ page to view a list of our current retail partners. This list changes often. If you cannot find us at your local retailer, please consider calling the retailer to request our items.

How can I see your event schedule?

You can now find our market and event schedule on our website! Our event schedule is also posted on our Instagram and Facebook pages weekly, on or around Wednesday.